Little Stories from the Bible
A Boy Who Knew God's Word
TIMOTHY was a boy who knew God's Word. We do not know much about Timothy's father. His mother was a Jewess, named Eunice. She was a woman of great faith in God. Timothy's grandmother, Lois, was also a woman of great faith in God. From the time Timothy was a little child, he was taught the wonderful lessons from God's Word.

Timothy grew up to be a noble and earnest young man. He was true and faithful to God and to man. It is very likely that Timothy became a believer on the Lord Jesus Christ through the preaching of the Apostle Paul. Paul saw what an earnest and faithful young man Timothy was, and so he asked Timothy to go with him on his journeys to preach the Gospel. We may be sure Timothy was glad for this chance to tell others about his dear Saviour.

Timothy was a faithful helper to Paul. Paul said that he had no other helper whore mind was so much like his own in caring for the Christians. He loved Timothy like a dear son. Paul sent Timothy to a number of towns to teach the message of God's love.

Like Timothy, we should love lo learn God's Word. In the Bible we are shown the way to be saved, by believing on Jesus Christ as our Saviour.