Little Stories from the Bible
The Girl With the Pitcher
WHEN Abraham was far over a hundred years old, he knew he had not long to live. He wished his son, Isaac, to marry a wife of his own people, and not a woman of the heathen land in which they lived.

Abraham, therefore, sent one of his servants to the country from which he had come many years before, to see whether he could find a young woman in that country who would be willing to be Isaac's wife.

When the caravan of the servant came to the city where the relatives of Abraham lived, he prayed to the Lord to give him a sign. If any of the young women coming out of the city to fetch water from the well would offer to draw water for him and his camels, she was to be the one whom the Lord had chosen to be the wife of Isaac.

And just so it happened. When the servant had hardly finished his prayer, Rebekah came out of the city carrying her pitcher. When the servant asked her whether she would give him a drink, she offered to draw water for his camels also. So the servant knew that the Lord had blessed his trip. When Rebekah was asked the next dry whether she would go along to be the wife of Isaac she gladly agreed to do so. Isaac was very happy with his wife.

It is always good to talk all our plans over with the Lord in prayer.