Little Stories from the Bible
Paul, The Great Teacher
THE apostle Paul had not always been a Christian. When he was a young man he hated the Christians and did all he could to harm them.

But the time came when God took his case in hand. Just when the young man was on the way to arrest some Christians and put them to death Jesus appeared to him in the midst of a fiery light and spoke tO him. Paul learned how foolish and wicked he had been and be believed in Jesus.

After Paul had been baptized he began to preach about Jesus; that He was truly the Savior of the whole world. The Jews became very angry at this and tried to kill him. But Paul's friends put him in a large basket and let him down outside the walls of the city so that he got away safely.

Paul spent the rest of his life in preaching the news of Jesus, the Savior of sinners. He traveled hundreds and thousands of miles. People everywhere believed in their Savior and came together to form churches. One of the favorite words of Paul was: I determined not to know anything among you save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.

Finally the enemies of Paul had him arrested and brought to Rome to be put to death. He was set free the first time, but when he was arrested again, he was put to death. But we ought to confess our Savior as Paul did.