Little Stories from the Bible
The Finding of Moses
FAR away, in a strange country beyond the the sea, there once lived a wicked king.

He commanded that all the boy babies that might be born to the children of Israel then living in Egypt be killed.

But shortly after he had made this wicked rule a little baby boy was born in a family of the children of Israel. His mother saw that he was a fine boy, and therefore kept him hidden for three months. But when this was no longer possible she made a little ark or boat of bulrushes which could float in the water. She placed the baby in this boat and set the ark in the reeds at the edge of the great river Nile

When the kings daughter came down to the river to bathe she found the ark with the little baby Moses. She felt so sorry for him that she took him home and raised him as her own son. But from his mother who was his nurse Moses learned all about the true God. When he grew up, he became the leader of his people, taking them out of the country where they had been treated so cruelly.

Our God and Father is able to keep us from every harm and danger, and we may safely trust in Him at all times.