Little Stories from the Bible
When Mary Chose the Good Part
IN a little village not far from the city of Jerusalem there lived a man by the name of Lazarus, together with his two sisters, whose names were Martha and Mary. These three were very good friends of our Lord Jesus, and He loved them very dearly.

One day when Jesus came to the home of His three good friends they asked Him to come in and have supper with them. Martha soon was very busy getting supper ready. She did not have a minute to spare in sitting down and talking to Jesus or in listening to His words.

Her sister Mary acted differently. She sat down on a footstool at the feet of Jesus and listened to every word He said.

When Martha saw that Mary was not getting ready to help her with the supper she did not like it at all. At last she walked up to Jesus and told Him that He ought to speak to Mary about helping to get the supper. But Jesus told her, "Martha, Martha, you are worried about so many things here. But there is only one thing that is needful; and that Mary is doing."

It is good enough for us to be busy in serving the Lord in many ways in our church work, but we must not forget that the main thing is to learn His Word.