Little Stories from the Bible
David and Jonathan
WE all know the story of how little David killed the wicked giant Goliath.

When David came back after his fight, he met the oldest son of king Saul, whose name was Jonathan. The two young men became the very best of friends, and loved each other very dearly.

But Saul began to hate David and wanted to have him killed. Some of Saul's mean servants were ready to help him kill David, but Jonathan always took David's part

Later there was another war, and the people praised David so much for being brave that Saul became very angry and made up his mind surely to kill him. When Jonathan tried to speak well of David, Saul threw his spear at Jonathan. Now he and David had agreed on a way by which David would find out whether the king had made up his mind to kill him. Jonathan went out in the field with his bow and arrows. Then he shot an arrow way over the head of the boy who had come along to pick up the arrows. That was the sign by which David knew that his life was no longer safe.

David came out of his hiding-plate in the field and the two friends promised to be true friends all their life. It is a very fine thing if we choose good friends and remain true to them always.