Little Stories from the Bible
The Man Who Obeyed God
MANY, many years ago there lived a kind and good man whose name was Abraham. He did not live in a house made of wood or stone, but in a tenr.

One day Abraham sat near the door of his tent, in the shade of a big tree. All at once he looked up and saw three strange men standing before him. Abraham got up and hurried to meet these men. He begged them to rest a while and to have something to eat. He himself helped to get everything ready and they ate while he stood by to get them all that they might ask for. Two of the men who had come were angels, and the third was the Lord In the form of a man.

When the three went away after dinner, Abraham went with them for some distance and God told him some of the things which He intended to do. Because Abraham was such a good and kind man, because he believed in the Lord and tried to do his Winll, God called him His friend and blessed him in many ways.

It pleases God if we always believe in Him and do what He wants us to do in showing kindness to all men.